(Polianthes tuberosa)

Tuberose is a tender perennial with large, white, fragrant flowers resembling lilies. It is among the most expensive of the floral absolutes, but is highly valued for its wonderful scent. The absolute is obtained by solvent extraction of the fresh flower buds.
Tuberose is dark orange and so viscous that it is almost a paste. It has heavy, sweet, floral, slightly spicy top notes and sensuous, radiant, honeyed undertones. It blends beautifully with the other florals and citruses, and enhances oriental and floral perfumes. The fragrance of tuberose is calming, and promotes strength and endurance. It is reputed to protect subtle energies and boundaries.

Use tiny amounts only: 1 drop occasionally in a bath or massage oil or in a mood perfume. Tuberose has a narcotic, hypnotic effect with its soporific, sensual scent.


Polianthes tuberosa