Stimulating scents

Stimulating essential oils are enlivening for both body and mind, and almost everyone feels they need a little extra stimulus to get going once in a while. Like all stimulants, these essential oils should not be abused or used too regularly or in large quantities. However, on the odd occasion when you havent had enough sleep or are feeling especially lethargic, wearing a stimulating mood scent can help you get through the day.
There are also occasions, such as taking an exam, when you want to feel at the peak of your mental powers, and a stimulating mood scent can assist you. Some of the stimulating essential oils are cephalic, meaning that they actually boost mental activity. These oils are helpful for poor memory and lack of concentration.
The best cephalic essential oil is rosemary, although peppermint, basil and cardamom are all good. Generally stimulating oils include eucalyptus, Eucalyptus citriodora — a lovely clean lemon-scented variety — and all of the spice oils. The mood scents above use stimulating oils in aesthetic blends together with other essential oils.


Get up and go

10 drops of bergamot
10 drops of coriander
7 drops of jasmine
7 drops of petitgrain
6 drops of neroli
5 drops of black pepper
5 drops of lemonscented eucalyptus


Spicy sparkler

10 drops of grapefruit
10 drops of ginger
10 drops of ylang ylang
10 drops of melissa
5 drops of patchouli
3 drops of cardamom
2 drops of holy basil


Ready to rock

10 drops of rosemary
10 drops of lemon
10 drops of geranium
10 drops of juniper
5 drops of clove
5 drops of basil