Skin toner for youthful and oily skin


Making your own aromatherapy skin toners is simple and you only use natural ingredients that are kind to your skin. If you have sensitive skin, use pure flower waters only: once on a cotton wool pad to remove traces of cleanser and then sprayed onto the face to hydrate and freshen the skin. For other skin types, use a toner followed by a suitable flower-water spray. This toner is based on orange—flower water and is slightly astringent, making it ideal for youthful and oily skins, though it is also gentle enough for normal skin. The addition of orange, neroli (orange—flower blossom) and petitgrain (from the wood of the orange tree) utilizes the synergy of the whole tree.



10 ml (2 tsp) of high—proof vodka

• A clean, dry glass bottle large enough to hold at least 300 ml (1/2 pt)

• 3 drops each of neroli, orange and petitgrain

• 25 ml (1 fI oz) of witch hazel

• 250 ml (8 fl oz) of orange-flower water




  1. Pour the vodka into the glass bottle. Add the neroli, orange and petitgrain and shake hard to dissolve the oils.

  2. Add the witch hazel and shake then add the orange-flower water. Shake the bottle until all the ingredients have blended together well. The essential oils will not completely dissolve, so shake the bottle vigorously each time you use the toner.