Romantic scents


Romance is a special intimate mood which many people would like more of in their lives. Being romantic is different from feeling sexy and erotic and need not be passionate. There is a gentle, wistful quality to romance, which evokes an escapist, fantasy, dreamlike feeling. Women especially watch romantic films and read romantic novels to recreate that special, elusive mood.
We often want our partner to be more romantic, because romantic behaviour tells us that we are loved and cared for. St. Valentines Day encapsulates the essence of romance, with its traditional gifts of red roses, boxes of chocolates and candle-lit dinners. However, using romantic mood scents can bring a little more romance into your everyday life.

Rose is the classic romantic essential oil: both rose absolute and rose otto of any of the different varieties. Marjoram and benzoin are calming when you feel like a romantic cuddle rather than sex. Ylang ylang and rosewood are exotic and sweetly romantic, while clary sage is euphoric and romantic.


Exotic fantasy

15 drops of rose otto
15 drops of neroli
5 drops of lemon
5 drops of verbena
3 drops of benzoin
3 drops of marjoram
2 drops of clove
2 drops of mimosa


Deep and mysterious

10 drops of rose absolute
10 drops of palmarosa
10 drops of ylang ylang
5 drops of clary sage
4 drops of nutmeg
3 drops of basil
3 drops of violet leaf


Romantic rose

15 drops of rose otto
15 drops of rose absolute
10 drops of geranium
3 drops of bergamot
2 drops of patchouli
3 drops of rosewood
2 drops of ambrette seed