Rejuvenating hot-oil treatment


The scalp benefits from aromatherapy massage and treatments just as much as the face. This rejuvenating hot-oil treatment can be given before or after a facial massage, if desired, though it is equally effective on its own and is easy to do to yourself. Hot oil with added essential oils nourishes the scalp and

conditions the hair. Scalp massage promotes healthy hair growth, reduces scaling, is deeply relaxing and gently releases tension and dispels headaches.

Suitable base oils for the rejuvenating hot-oil treatment include jojoba, which regulates sebum and is beneficial for dry, itchy scalps; evening primrose oil, which makes a good conditioner for hair; and neem oil, which helps prevent dandruff and itching. Add essential oils as follows: for dark hair, use osemary; for fair or red hair, use chamomile; for dandruff, use lavender, bergamot or sandalwood.



  • An essential oil and base oil, as suggested previously; use a 3 per cent dilution: 3 drops of essential oil for each 5 ml (1 tsp) of base oil

  • A small cup or bowl

  • A larger bowl of hot water

  • Plastic wrap

  • Hot towels

  • Shampoo and conditioner




  1. Take 5—10 ml (1—2 tsp) of base oil, depending on your hair length and thickness. Heat the oil in a small cup or bowl immersed in a larger bowl of hot water or in a microwave. Mix in the essential oil thoroughly.

  2. Apply the oil to your hair, making sure that you cover every strand. Give yourself a thorough scalp massage, using small, firm circular movements with your fingertips and covering all of the scalp Make sure you are really moving your scalp and not just skating lightly over the top.

  3. Wrap your hair in plastic wrap, and then cover your head with a hot towel. Replace with another hot towel once the first one has cooled, and repeat for as long as you like. Leave the oil in for at least two hours.

  4. Shampoo your hair at least twice to wash off the oil, applying neat shampoo for the first wash to ensure that you remove all traces of oil. Condition your hair as usual, but use less conditioner than normal. Your hair will feel soft and glossy, and your scalp relaxed and invigorated.