Pre-menstrual syndrome (also known as pre-menstrual tension) affects many women to varying degrees. PMS most usually occurs a few days or even a week before your period is due, but occasionally the symptoms only appear once menstruation has started. Those who are affected tend to become over- emotional and either irritable, weepy or both.
• When you are affected by PMS, wear an uplifting perfume that contains rose and includes petitgrain, neroli or roman chamomile.
• Visit an aromatherapist for a full body massage or do some self-massage and take aromatic baths.
• If you are prone to irritability, use rose otto, roman chamomile, cypress and frankincense.
• If you are inclined to be weepy, use rose absolute, jasmine, roman chamomile and melissa.
• Drink chamomile, lemon balm and vervain herbal teas, which are relaxing, calming and mildly sedative and help to relieve PMS.