(Evernia prunastri)

Oakmoss is a pate-green lichen that is found growing on oak trees. Oakmoss absolute is obtained by solvent extraction from the lichen after it has been soaked in lukewarm water. There are several other moss or lichen absolutes, but oakmoss is generally considered the finest.
Oakmoss has earthy, mossy, tar-like top notes with heavy, rich, leathery undertones. It is one of the best fixatives and is much used in the perfume industry to give a full body to perfumes, and provide rich, natural undertones. It blends well with most other essential oils.
As an expectorant, oakmoss is good in massage blends for coughs and bronchitis. Excellent in mood perfumes, it gives an earthy grounding note to all types of fragrances.
Use small amounts only: 1—2 drops in a bath or massage oil or in a mood perfume. Once diluted in perfume, oakmoss has an enticing, balancing and calming effect.


Evernia prunastri