(Narcissus poeticus)

Narcissus is a common spring flower, similar to (but smaller than) the daffodil. Traditionally narcissus was used as a perfume by the Arabs, and it is still used in India as an anointing oil before going into the temple to pray. Narcissus is an absolute obtained by solvent extraction of the flowers.
Narcissus has heady, herbaceous, green top notes with heavy, sweet, floral, mysterious undertones. It blends well with many essential oils and enhances blends, and is especially good with other florals, sandalwood, basil and clove.
The name comes from the Greek word narkao, meaning ‘to be numb’, and narcissus has a pronounced narcotic action and must be used with great care. Its sedative hypnotic, earthy, languid quality is deeply calming and grounding when you are over-excited or hysterical.
Use tiny amounts only: 1 drop occasionally in a bath or massage oil or in a mood perfume, Narcissus is a gentle aphrodisiac and gives an interesting, sensual note to intimate massage blends. It is good in meditations for deep introspection.


Narcissus poeticus