(Acacia dealbata)

Mimosa is an attractive ornamental tree and its fluffy, ball-shaped yellow flowers are a familiar sight in France in early spring. The absolute is obtained by solvent extraction from the flowers and flowering twig ends. It may be viscous or a waxy solid at room temperature which melts as you hold the bottle in your hand.
Mimosa smells like a warm spring morning with sweet, delicate, green, floral top notes and fresh, deep, complex, woody undertones. It blends well with most florals, citruses and spices, and also with rosewood, sandalwood, clary sage and melissa.
Mimosa is astringent and antiseptic, with good nourishing skin-care properties, especially for oily and youthful skin. The soft, delicate fragrance of mimosa is excellent in a mood perfume for girls as they mature into women. Like neroli, it is wonderful for alleviating anxiety, fear and depression and, with its springlike scent, may also be recommended for Seasonal Affective Disorder.
Use small amounts only: 2—3 drops in a bath or massage oil or in a mood perfume. Mimosa is well suited to shy, sensitive, impressionable, feminine and youthful personalities.


Acacia dealbata